ants carrying various types of fooddo ant extermination before this happens

Ant extermination – How to do ant extermination

You walk into the kitchen for a snack and pull out a box of crackers and suddenly a stream of little tiny ants starts running out of the box. ARGHH! You have an infestation with ants and need some ant extermination hints and tips.  Having ants invade your home is neither fun nor hygienic and there are several methods of ant extermination you can turn to in order to get rid of the little pesky invaders.

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How do Ants Get Into Your Home?

Ants are very versatile little creatures. They can get into our homes via any little crack or crevice. In their never ending search for food and water supplies for their colonies, they will look for anything they can get. If you don’t keep your foodstuffs sealed in containers they can’t breach, then you could get an infestation and need ant extermination.ant extermiation different types of ants

Tips on preventing and getting rid of ant infestation

Normally, depending on the type of ants, the colony may or may not be inside the home. One of the first things is to determine the type of ants that you have. If they are the little tiny ones that invade our kitchens, it’s likely the colony is outdoors, but if it is large black ants, it could be carpenter ants, and these are worse because they can invest the very wood our homes are made of. Whichever kind it is, you need some method of ant extermination.

Make your home ant proof

First, it’s important to do basic prevention to keep away the ants by always keeping a clean kitchen and not leaving trash or food around to attract them in the first place. If you clean your floors, counters, sink and trash can with a bleach mixture then it is less likely to attract the ants and you may not even need ant extermination.

One method of prevention is to use ant sprays or poison granules around your home in an area about a foot or two away from your house. Be sure to include door and window frames. You can also put ant traps in strategic areas. These usually have some sort of sweet food that ants like that is laced with boric acid or some other poison that the ants carry back to the nest. There, you will get ant extermination as they will share it will all of the workers and the queen. Put the traps outside your home near trees or anywhere you have seen a nest, plus put them indoors where you see ant trails such as cabinets, under sinks, on counters, etc.  NOTE: If you have pets, these sorts of traps are also poisonous to pets!

Get rid of the Nest

It is very important to get rid of the nest to achieve full ant extermination.  There are several ways to accomplish this, including sprays, liquid insect poisons, and granules. The liquid is especially good if you can find the nest and pour it into the hole. This both drowns and poisons the entire colony and is great for ant extermination.carper ant close up

One trouble with the sprays are that they only kill the ants that you can see, so that’s why the liquid insecticides work so well, you don’t have to see the ants and that works better for ant extermination. What is a good idea is to combine more than one method. If you spray the ones you see in the house, plus put out the ant baits and traps and use the liquid on the nest, you get triple action in your fight to have total ant extermination.

Safety is vital

All throughout your battle to rid you home of these tiny pests should take into consideration that you are working with poisons and need to take a few safety factors. Most ant sprays and poisons need to dry before they won’t harm people or pets. You have to keep away from them until that occurs. You also need to read the labels carefully to see exactly what safety procedures should be followed. After all, you are vying for ant extermination, not the extermination of you or your pets!


Natural Ant Killers

If you are concerned about both safety and the environment, you may want to consider more natural ways of ant extermination. These more holistic ingredients will also kill or repel ants and can be formulated into a spray to use in your home:

  • Vinegar and water mixed into equal proportions. Cider vinegar is excellent
  • Peppermint oil
  • Put one tablespoon of  Lavender, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree Oil, and Witch Hazel Extract into a spray bottle of water
  • Put one tablespoon of liquid dish detergent into a spray bottle of water and spray on the ants for ant extermination.


If all else fails, you can call in the experts to get total ant extermination. These people have specialized and stronger methods to rid your home of ants and other pests. Lists of ant extermination companies can be found online or in the phone book.


All in all, no one likes to open their favorite box of snacks or walk into their kitchen and find trails of ants streaming around merrily.  If you want to rid you home of ants, you need to use one or more of these hints and suggestions for ant extermination.